New agency trading desk – bidr

Longtail is launching a new media venture – a trading desk called bidr. This is a first from Perth, and you can read a little about the venture here in an interview with a very on-the-ball journalist at Exchangeewire. Web address is

Getting the best out of us!

We posted a link today to an article on agency/client relationships from the blog of a senior agency figure in McCann Sydney. It really resonated with us because at a time when we are poised for our next stage of growth we want to make sure we are working with clients who are going to grow with us, and help foster and fuel the passion we have for their business and ours. At the risk of getting too controversial I’ll let you read the article yourself but it really does sum up some of the frustrations we have to deal with day to day!

Monday links…some you will have seen, some maybe not

Just some of the things that made us smile last week 🙂

Google Chrome experiment

Tailoring the user experience

New Zealand – interesting navigation to show case new zealand

Alienware 3D projection

State of the internet  html 5 info graphic

When performing a live webcasting, be careful not to click the stream webcast!

Gmail is evil

Create your own robot

Innovation extravaganza…working real hard to engage!

I haven’t always been a fan of the Trendwatching team. I’ve found their insightful approach a bit too abstract at times but their article (which somehow I missed when it came out) Innovation Extravaganza inspired me. It also shows how hard brands are working to engage with their audiences, delivering on a personal level. Local brands haven’t quite caught on to the idea of the old Godinism of ‘be generous’. The article show some practical and some not so practical innovations that brands have been creating around the globe.

Innovation extravaganza

Australian publishers nervous about Exchanges…they shouldn’t be!

The advent of trading exchanges has been viewed as a negative by most major publishers in Australia, or as a necessary evil perhaps! They appear to be panicking that they will have to sell their inventory dirt cheap!

Publishers don’t have to sell cheaply but their perspctive is most probably coloured by the prices the ad networks currently pay them. It would appear to be a great opportunity to cut the ad networks out of the loop and instead reap the benefits of RTB and data to take those profits themselves. The market may put some pressure on the less valuable inventory but surely it will be better than the arbitrage model?

The beauty of the model is that operated properly both buyers and sellers should see a more efficient and value driven model emerge that is good for both sides of the equation.

Building a culture that grows the brand…

Josh Edge, our new ‘creative director in waiting’ sent me this link today. Its a company blog and they are posting about a pretty unique approach and its very admirable, and not out of reach. I’m not sure that a Pets and Kids day, a regular Monday Bake-off or Wednesday massage therapy counts! Dave was growing Chilli plants in the front garden but they snuffed it in the summer! There’s some great ideas in here and it’s the culture that it represents that is rather inspiring!

Still don’t ‘Like’ G+, am I alone?

I’m not the only one who doesn’t like G+ surely? I’m not afraid to say it! (well slightly!) Its not that I don’t think its competent but its just lacking in soul, its corporate! Apparently they are taking on a million users a day which is comparable with FB in 2009. G may force the issue by making it impossible to use their services without you using G+. Mostly though I’m getting fed up with a bunch of randoms adding me to their circles! No sign of the ads yet but they are coming!