One less tabloid won’t hurt and surely it’s just the begining

As someone who grew up in the newspaper industry in the UK I was initially surprised at the closure of one of the biggest tabloids in attempt to stem the rising tide of condemnation being levelled at the organisation. Shrewd. When you think about it, what have they lost? News International were already considering a 7 day version of The Sun so all they’ve really killed is a brand which was on the way out, the rest is smoke and mirrors.

Let’s face it the newspaper model as we know it is dying and the real battle is online, and in particular whatever morph of internet enabled TV platform finally dominates the space. The old advertising revenue model ain’t coming back regardless how many tablets make it into circulation.

The surprise is that Rupert managed to keep a lid on things so long but given the pending buyout of BKsyB you have to say that the old lion still has his eye on the bigger prize! The thought of that one media empire dominating the pay TV space in the UK is pretty scary for some, but perhaps they should take a look at what’s happening online, there’s some equally scary stuff evolving while most politicos are looking elsewhere!

FB & Skype, I get it..

..but it kinda takes me a little too close to some of those ‘friends’ that I might not really want to see! Interesting to see if this starts a friend ‘cull’ as FB users start to get calls from randoms that they would rather not engage with. Its a great integration and let’s hope that Skype and FB avoid pandering to Apple’s restrictions so we can the service equally well from iOS devices as well as Android and WM – [personal rant about not being able to use Skype with bluetooth headset, which seems like a classic hobbling of the technology to stop us all ditching our mobile or reducing our talk plans]. Will the Skype integration throw up any new advertising opportunities? Havent had the chance to check yet.

Hard to get quality international speakers..

So I bought a two day pass to the Media140 event sight unseen thinking that I’d try and find time to get along for the keynotes and any interesting sessions that might catch my eye! Looks like the FB keynote is being delivered by an advertising rep and the rest of the sessions are pretty much just locals who have a twitter account. Will teach me to read the event program!

Android Honeycomb tablet or iPad

We added a new android tablet to the office stable of mobile devices today – Acer Iconia We have a number of Android projects on the stocks at the moment so we’ll pretty quickly be able to report on how this particular device compares to the iPad 1&2.

iPad may not run flash but the Acer runs flash, like a dog so why bother! Funny that seems such a defunct argument. I do wonder why there aren’t more HTML5 ads…..hang on, because the global ad technology business is behind in rolling out their HTML5 serving & tracking.

Google+ oh God I want to say it won’t fly but…..

I really don’t want to be the naysayer on a product that has such massive backing! Having said that my first reaction to Google Wave was WTF and it went nowhere, and although G+ is far more familiar I’m not sure it adds much to the genre at this stage! If you are a Googlephile then perhaps this will be what you’ve been waiting for but for someone who doesn’t use Gmail, Google Chat, Picassa or G Calendar, the proposition looks somewhat less compelling, especially as the G+ menu launches most stuff in separate browser windows. Given that 80% of the Australian population is already engaged with Facebook can they really be bothered to switch or use it in addition?!

Even if  the Big G could write an app to suck all my information and friends out of FB effortlessly and hook seamlessly into MS Exchange I’m not sure I would want to abdicate another part of my online life to the Big G! I’m looking forward to a new brand that can challenge both G and FB and its probably out there, we just haven’t found it yet!

The 800 pound gorilla in the room, Google has set its sights on dominating the world of advertising and threatens to undermine the advertising industry, pushing to manage direct relationships with clients and sidelining agencies in pursuit of global domination and profit. So maybe subliminally I am willing it to fail…

Final day of #CannesLions

Its been a very long week! Have learnt much about the idealistic and the brave world of advertising. The breakthrough thinking that perhaps I expected wasn’t really here in the volumes I had hoped…it was here though, obscured somewhat by the fake tans and puffed up chests, you just had to look a little harder. The inspiration also wasn’t, as I initially thought, limited to a handful of independent creative practitioners and agencies like The Special Group or Elephant Cairo, old hands like RGA demonstrated a real depth and strength of creativity and innovation that I would be proud to achieve with Longtail. The large media owners & agency networks for the most part were dissapointing, opting to bring celebrities and clients who didnt share very much i the way of real thinking. The flip side of this is that I think that Cannes is wide open to Perth agencies to get their work up in front of a gloabl audience and do well (in digital and integrated anyway). We’ve made some good contacts and some new friends, and we have set our sights on coming back as delegates and winners!

Independent agency showcase – Go Indies!

Very excited about this one. Amongst the big global networks its good to seethat independent agencies have a voice and claim the big gongs…looking to the future! (not too far).

First up is Rob Jack, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Special Group, based in Auckland, New Zealand. This agency is already no stranger to Cannes, having picked up a Grand Prix in 2010 for its work on Orcon Broadband, and featuring another Director on the judging panel for 2011.

Also on the line-up is Ali Ali, Creative Director and Founder of Elephant Cairo. In a year when Egypt has seldom been out of the headlines, Ali was a big winner at the Dubai Lynx Festival in March, with awards including two Grands Prix for Film and Film Craft and Gold for Interactive. His presentation style is as entertaining as his work.

Finally, thenetworkone is delighted to introduce John Matejczyk, Co-Founder and Creative Director of MTZHF in San Francisco. John has won top awards from every major show in the USA and at Cannes Lions, with work for Fallon, TBWA, Chiat Day, BBH, 180 and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners – you don’t get a creative CV much better than that. Until recently he was one of the leading creative freelancers in the US, but has just opened his own agency, MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER.

Independent agencies have had a lot of success so lon may that continue!