As someone who grew up in the newspaper industry in the UK I was initially surprised at the closure of one of the biggest tabloids in attempt to stem the rising tide of condemnation being levelled at the organisation. Shrewd. When you think about it, what have they lost? News International were already considering a 7 day version of The Sun so all they’ve really killed is a brand which was on the way out, the rest is smoke and mirrors.

Let’s face it the newspaper model as we know it is dying and the real battle is online, and in particular whatever morph of internet enabled TV platform finally dominates the space. The old advertising revenue model ain’t coming back regardless how many tablets make it into circulation.

The surprise is that Rupert managed to keep a lid on things so long but given the pending buyout of BKsyB you have to say that the old lion still has his eye on the bigger prize! The thought of that one media empire dominating the pay TV space in the UK is pretty scary for some, but perhaps they should take a look at what’s happening online, there’s some equally scary stuff evolving while most politicos are looking elsewhere!